『The Matrix Resurrections』All Story Spoilers

This is an article that spoils the story of 『The Matrix Resurrections』, the fastest movie released in Japan on December 17, 2021, until its conclusion. How many years after the last movie? Why did Neo come back to life? Who is the mastermind? All the hidden contents are introduced.


『The Matrix Resurrections』All Story Spoilers

A Japanese who does not speak good English is writing spoilers.
Please note that I don’t remember all the difficult stories, so the content is hazy.

Thomas Anderson, psychotic.

Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) is a game developer. The name of the game is “The Matrix”. He was a very famous game designer for creating this game. He goes to a cafe with his colleague and finds Trinity. With the help of my colleague, I was able to have a conversation with Trinity, whom I had never met before, but she was a married woman with two children and a husband.
She is a married woman with two children and a husband. Thomas looks a little disappointed and gets a message from his colleague, “The boss wants to see you. The moment he comes face to face with the boss (Jonathan Groff), he has a mysterious flashback to the room and the boss’s face (his past nemesis Agent Smith flickers in the background, and there is a bronze statue behind the boss that captures the moment Agent Smith was beaten).

Something’s wrong.”

The image of Agent Smith flashes back again and again. (In the conversation with the boss, the words “back to the roots” and “dream of being trapped in the computer world again” are mentioned again and again, suggesting the past series.)

“Are you taking your medication?”

Thomas is taking a blue capsule.

“Am I crazy?”


Analysts (Therapists) and the Blue Pill

Thomas Anderson is in the other room. Thomas Anderson is in another room with a psychiatric analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) who tells him that he can’t tell the difference between reality and delusion.
Thomas takes a blue pill.
All of his colleagues in the company are criticizing and talking about “The Matrix” as they like. (They are meta-criticizing the Matrix series.) It’s driving me crazy. Everyone is talking about the Matrix. It’s driving me crazy. What the hell is going on? Thomas stopped taking the blue pill.

He went to his usual cafe and found a counter with an Alice in Wonderland book. The proprietress smiled and waved to Thomas.

Thomas finds Trinity and calls out to her himself. He tells her that Trinity’s name is “Tiffany” and that he is busy raising her child. He also tells her that Trinity looks like me, that he likes motorcycles, and that he likes her, all of which appeared in the game “The Matrix,” which Thomas is said to have created. Thomas flashes back to Trinity’s face in the past, but breaks up with her when her husband comes to pick her up.


Agent Smith is here

When I returned to the office, the emergency bell was ringing. What’s going on? I’m not sure what to do. I received a text message: “If you want to know the truth, go to the door.” “Who is it?” “You know who.” I went to the bathroom as instructed and it was Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) who came out. “Nonsense, it’s a game, right?” Is this real? Am I crazy?” Thomas is confused and flees, while the police raid the bathroom. A fierce gun battle ensues, and Thomas crawls on the ground to escape. Morpheus defeats the policemen one after another with two guns.

You wake up in your usual analyst’s (therapist’s) room. Was it a dream or reality, what I was angry about earlier? The building exploded. Morpheus was there. There was a gunfight. Agent Smith tried to kill me. Is this all a dream? Have I lost my mind?


Free your mind.

The roof of the building.
Thomas is stirring his drink.
He watches a pigeon fly away in front of him and mutters, “It’s a piece of cake.
Unleash your mind, right?”

He stands on the edge and tries to jump off, but is rescued by Bugs. Morpheus was waiting for us.

Baggs and Morpheus have been looking for Neo for almost 20 years.
We learn that it has now been “60 years since Neo left for Machine City in the last game. (It’s been 60 years since Revolution.)

It’s time to fly.

Morpheus offered the red capsule and the blue capsule, and Thomas swallowed the red capsule. Thomas swallows the red capsule.


Fuji, Tokyo, the bullet train, and waking up.

He goes through the mirror and finds himself on a bullet train in Tokyo with a view of Mt. (By the way, there is actually no Mt. Fuji near Tokyo.)

Suddenly, the eyes of the Shinkansen passengers turn black and “bot” and attack Neo and his friends. They attacked Neo and his friends one after another, just like in a zombie movie. They successfully escape from another mirror.

Neo wakes up in the real reality. Neo was in a special pod that was clearly a VIP treatment unlike the other pods.
. Welcome to reality, Neo.”

Morpheus and the Truth

Neo is plugged in and confronts Morpheus in the martial arts hall. Morpheus says, “Your brain is full of Matrix shit,” so he wants you to fight and wake up. At first, Neo is beaten one-sidedly, but then he gradually regains his memory and explodes with feelings for Trinity, blowing Morpheus away with the shockwave emitted from his hand. Neo was awakened.

Neo woke up on the ship and saw the machine in front of him. It seems that some of the machines are on the side of the humans because Neo has promised peace with the machines.

The ship carrying Neo landed not in Zion, but in the newly built “Io”. Neo is waited for by General Niobe, the guardian of Io and a former comrade of his. 60 years have passed, and the mystery is revealed through a conversation with the old man Niobe.

Thanks to Neo’s visit to Machine City, the machines have withdrawn and peace has returned, but a war between machines has started due to the competition for power. Zion was destroyed in the war. The new Io was created. When Neo wants to go save Trinity, he imprisons Neo, saying that he can’t destroy this city.

The mastermind is here.


After the imprisoned Neo is put on a ship, Bugs and the others escape and embark on a mission to retrieve Trinity, but what awaits them is Agent Smith (Jonathan Groff), who remembers everything.
“The therapist (analyst) is behind this.
You can’t beat that guy.
I’ll handle it.”
But Neo refuses and punches Smith. The Exile and Agent Smith, who appeared in Revolution, team up to attack Neo and the others, but are successfully defeated by the awakened Neo.

He meets Trinity, who is working on his motorcycle, and explains that he’s going to reality, but Trinity remembers that the same thing happened to him in the past and he tried to escape but failed, so he wipes his hands off. The analyst (therapist) appears and laughs at Neo and reveals his secret.

It was the analyst who revived Neo.
The reason for resurrecting Neo is to make up for the lack of power in the machine.
The reason he revived Neo was to make up for the lack of power in the machine. He had been using Neo’s power to generate electricity, but Trinity’s presence made it more efficient, so he revived the two lovers.
If the two of them touch, a miracle (energy explosion) will occur, which is dangerous.
If they touch, a miracle (energy explosion) will occur.

An angry Neo confronts the analyst, but using Bullet Time and Neo’s former ability, the surrounding area slows down and only the analyst can move at high speed. Neo, who is completely helpless, decides to retreat.

Neo retreats, but with the help of Sati, a girl he once met in the subway of Revolution (Matrix 3), he embarks on a rescue mission once again. (Sati’s father was murdered when he found out about the analyst’s devious plan and gave Sati the blueprints. (Sati’s father was murdered when he found out about the Analyst’s schemes and gave Sati the blueprints.) Sati also mimicked herself as the proprietress of Neo and Trinity’s favorite cafe to watch over them.
The analyst was absolutely confident that he could beat Neo. He offered Neo a condition that he would not kill Trinity if he entered the pod again and became a battery. Now that the analyst was on his guard, now was his chance

Choosing between Trinity and Neo

“She believed me.
She believed in me.
So now I believe her.”

Neo landed on the Matrix and went to the cafe where the analyst was waiting.
A large number of heavily armed police officers, and an analyst.
“If you don’t choose me, I’ll turn you into a battery.
“But if she chooses me, you’re free to go.”
Trinity appears with a promise to the analyst.

The two have a dialogue.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I was waiting.
But it was too late.
I’m sorry.”
Trinity is about to leave the store when her husband and child appear at the right moment and take her by the hand. Neo loses the bet and is pinned down.
When Trinity sees him, she remembers everything: “Neo! Trinity!” The bet is won. The two of them are free.
The Analyst approaches and tries to kill Trinity, but is stopped by the sudden appearance of Smith, who finally activates the program to turn everyone around him into bots, and then disappears with Smith’s bullet.

Trinity and Neo begin to flee on their motorcycles. Heavy gunfire, cars crashing, and bot bombs falling from overhead are all avoided by the barrier Neo creates and they succeed in escaping. A helicopter missile appears from overhead and destroys the bike, and the two escape to the roof of the building.
The two flee to the roof of the building. The helicopter’s Gatling is blocked, and the missiles are bounced back.

Trinity stares at the sunrise from the rooftop.
It’s beautiful.”
The two kiss.
“My dream ended here.
“Don’t worry, I’m not coming back.”

They jump off the roof, hand in hand.

Trinity was the one who got the ability to fly.
“It’s you?”
Neo was surprised.
Trinity was the savior.

The two of them wake up after being unplugged.
(They are unplugged and wake up. (They are sadly old.)
They finally meet.

The Matrix again.
The two awaken and are in front of the analyst.
Trinity hits the analyst repeatedly, decapitates him and kills him, then regenerates him again and again to get rid of his previous exasperation.

The analyst has a spare look on his face.
You’re awake, you’re happy, so what the hell, do whatever you want with the rest, remake it or whatever.”

The two talk about something, smile, and fly away. The end.

A mysterious message during the end roll.

A mysterious message during the end roll.
“To Mom and Dad, it all starts with love.”

Hidden images after the end credits.

Hidden images after the end credits.
Thomas’ co-workers at work are still talking nonsense. ‘What about the movie? Dead.” “What about the story? The current craze is cats, the series is very popular, it’s called “Cattrix.”


『The Matrix Resurrections』 Story Spoiler Summary

I defeated Agent Smith in Revolution (Matrix 3).

I thought that peace between the machines and humanity had been maintained, but a war broke out between the machines, which were fighting for the power of the machines.

Humanity was caught in the middle and Zion was destroyed. In order to secure power, the analysts succeeded in regenerating the saviors Neo and Trinity and solved the power problem with their miraculous power.

However, the powerful Neo and Trinity tried to escape from the Matrix several times, but each time the Analyst killed them, erased their memories, and kept them under house arrest in the Matrix.

Sixty years after the events of 3, Neo is rescued by Bugs and Morpheus, and begins his mission to recover Trinity. Sati, who he met in 3, is now an adult and challenges him with the help of the machine, but the Analyst is strong and almost defeats him. However, Agent Smith, who had been awakened along with Neo, saved him and he succeeded in rescuing Trinity.




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